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Below is the software environment we plan to offer for this year's contest. We will use Linux, beacuse the ACM International Programming Contest plans to run Linux this year. Since our goal is to try to make the contest as much like International as possible, we are attempting to do the same.

Planned software environment:

  • RedHat Linux 9 (Download from
  • Window Managers
    • Gnome (Bluecurve)
    • KDE (Bluecurve)
    • Fluxbox May or may not be availablei - NOT available as of 10/26/2003
  • Languages

      pascalFree Pascalfpc-1.0.10-0
      javaSun JDKjdk1.3.1_09

  • Integrated Development Environments
    • Eclipse - IDE for Java development
  • Editors
    • vi, vim, gvim
    • emacs, Xemacs
    • gedit, kedit
    • pico/nano
  • Miscellaneous

Sound will be disabled. Console environment will be available. Systems will have 2-button mice (maybe 3-button).

current rpm listing Oct 26, 2003

Note: This is a preliminary list and may change as needed.

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